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Welcome to our heavy duty gym equipment department.  This is where you'll find all our toughest ranges most of which are made in the UK to the highest standards.

We've created some very special gym equipment over the years for some top level athletes. In the early years we were asked to manufacture a Glute/Ham bench and a Safety Squat Bar by the coach of London Irish Rugby Squad because at that time nothing was available in the UK or Europe (yes it was a very long time ago!) and import from the US wasn't even an option so our top engineer worked with the squad and the first ever GHD bench and Safety Squat Bar was born. 

So yes, we know a thing or two about high performance super tough gym equipment. 

All our UK fabriacted kit is made to order so lead-times are variable and sometimes longer than a slow boat from China but the wait is always worthwhile so if you're looking for a single station or a full gym fit-out with custom colours and logos this really is the first place to look.

Is Commercial Gym Equipment suitable for home use?

We have often found that customers migrating to training at home rather than a commercial gym for whatever reason, typically wish to replicate the same gym experience (space permitting) and feel the investment in equipping their often purpose built gym with the same equipment that would be found in their regular gym is worth the extra expense which if unbreakable quality is what you're after then but we would add some words of caution... Apart from small items like adjustable benches most of our commercial gym equipment is big and heavy. It's also usually delivered on a large lorry and many of the items can't be off-loaded by tail-lift as they're side-loaded by forklift so there might be a degree of dismantling required or lots of able bodies to assist. 

We would also generally suggest delivery to a ground floor with good access like a garage gym for example. If you don't live on an industrial estate with a forklift to hand, we would strongly advise budgeting for installation as it would be delivered by the install team on a van or small lorry so generally speaking we'd advise against buying heavy duty commercial gym equipment for the home gym unless you have really good access to the property and the gym has double doors, plenty of space and lots of helping hands on the delivery day.


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