Squat Racks & Power Cages

Squat Racks & Power Cages

Commercial Squat Racks, Stands & Power Cages

Most of our full commercial racks, cages and lifting platforms are made in the UK to the highest specification for very heavy duty gym and millitary use typically fabricated in several sections with the very minimal number of bolts means the equipment is both quick and easy to assemble with the down-side being the sections are fairly heavy usually requiring 2 people to carry each section.

Although we sell a significant percentage of our full commercial squat racks, stands and power cages to the domestic consumer it should be noted that the range of add-on accessories is typically limited to items such as dip handles and weight storage posts and lifting platforms. 

Custom Height Power Racks and Cages

Please also be aware that while it is possible for us to reduce the height of some of our UK Manufactured commercial racks and cages there is now additional costs per "cut" as all sections are laser machine cut for accuracy so it's quite costly to adjust lengths unlike the old times when our gym equipment was measured and cut by hand. 

For more information or quotations be sure to give us a call or drop us a line as not all of our commercial gym equipment can be custom made.


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