Weights Benches

Weights Benches

Commercial Weight Bench Store

In this section we've included all our the benches that we class as suitable for full commercial and heavy duty gym usage. The vast majority of our commercial gym benches are fabricated here in the UK.

Where most companies importing gym equipment from China will give their benches a full commercial rating, there's nothing we've found that can compete with our UK fabricated ranges. 

Within this category we've sub-divided the benches into different variants for example Olympic Benches, Adjustable Benches and a section for other items that while not strictly falling into the weight bench category by traditional definition they may still be considered to be a bench like the Preacher Curl Bench or a Glute/Ham Developer Bench for example.

Take a browse and if you can't find a weight bench that meets your specific needs just drop us a line or give us a call.

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