Back Exercise Machines

Back Exercise Machines

Back Exercise Machines for the Home Gym

In this section of our home gym equipment catalogue we have grouped all gym machines, stations and accessories that primarily target back muscles and development.

Most back exercises can be split into 2 or 3 categories upper, mid and lower back for which pull-downs (or chin-ups) do the upper back, low/seated rows for mid back and deadlifts for lower back. Obviously this is a very over-simplified breakdown but gives an idea of back machine and exercise requirements.  

Do I need a back machine in my home gym?

No it's certainly not an essential item. Never forget the beauty of a simple "powerband" that can give assistance to enable even wide-grip chins to be performed for repetitions on a humble chin-bar usually found at the front of a power cage or half-rack.

A back machine with weight stack is certainly a great addition to the home gym but it's not "essential" but it would certainly be on my own list as part of the perfect home gym expansion.

If you want more advice on your choice of equipment for your home gym or you want something specific and it's not on our site just give us a call. We don't charge for our advice.

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