Weights Benches

Weights Benches

Home gym weights benches

These benches are suitable for home, light commercial and personal training studio use. Not suitable for full commercial gym use.
Everything from adjustable weight benches to ab. and crunch benches, Preacher Curl and Glute/Ham benches and pretty much everything else with some form of seat pad.

What to look for when choosing a weight training bench for home?

First of all you need to look at how your weights bench will feature with the rest of your home gym. If you're going to be using it with a half-rack or full power cage or even squat stands you will want a bench that's certainly capable of coping with more than double your anticipated lifting capacity. Cheap low grade and budget weight benches always come with a maximum load rating which often includes the users body weight.  Fortunately we don't entertain selling such inferior products so as a general rule of thumb, if a weight bench doesn't have a maximum load capacity it's safe to say it's vastly higher than anyone will ever be able to lift so all our home and light commercial weights benches fall into this category.

Do you want an Adjustable bench or a Flat bench?

Again I'd suggest an adjustable weight bench is the best option generally, although adjustable benches almost always quote being FID (Flit, Incline, Decline) the "decline" aspect is rarely worth consideration. For a start it only typically has a single decline position (this also goes for commercial adjustable benches) but decline press can be best replaced with dip handles or a dip station.  The other thing is that most FID benches tend to foul the rear of a squat rack/power cage which is another reason I'm a big fan of half racks for the home gym.  Flat bench is always super strong, has a small footprint but is limited with regards to dumbbell press for example though a flat bench is great for other general gym uses and given that a flat bench is the cheapest bench due to its simplicity of construction many people find having both benches in their home gym isn't such a bad idea.

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