Multi-Functional Gyms (Multi-gyms)

Multi-Functional Gyms (Multi-gyms)

Multi-Stations (Multi-Gyms)

The one-time staple component of any home gym the "multigym" (Multi Functional Gym) used to promise to offer a whole range of exercises from chest through shoyulders, legs and back, however the machines rartely lived up to the promises upon which they were sold and typically remained unused in the spare bedroom.

Current Muti-Gym Designs

Over the last 10 years or so the demand for much higher quality gym equipment for the home gym has changed the face of the old multi-gym stations to what we see today; workoutout stations that offer a package of individual machines commonly found commercial gyms but all ingeniously configured to fit into the foot-print of a single station.

In this section of our web-site we've added all multi-functional gym stations and machines that allow a wide range of muscle groups and exercises to be performed. This category is now dominated by the likes of the ForceUSA gyms which offer dual adjustable pulley stations, a free-weight half rack wrapped around a traditional Smith Machine frame thereby providing both full-on free-weight training for squats, bench/shoulder etc barbell exercises and the more tightly controlled Smith Machine and cable machine isolation exercises.
A number of these machines also feature a large range of included accessories including but not limited to different cable attachments, dip station attachments, core trainers, chin bars, and in some cases Leg Press plates that turn the Smith Machines into vertical leg press stations. 

If you're setting up a home gym either in a garage or a dedicated room then this is the first place we'd suggest looking.

You can of course phone us for more bespoke gym gym planning advice service.

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