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Force USA G12 + Free 2 Man Delivery

This ForceUSA G12 Multi Training Station from GymRats is the perfect all-in-1 gym for the professional home gym or P.T. studio.

The ForceUSA G12 has many imitators but no equals in terms of quality, included features and overall capacity. What's more, if you buy your Monster G12 from GymRats we'll bring it by a 2-man delivery, unbox the case and carry all items into the room of your choice either for self install or for our install team to assemble for you. 

Add to this our Price-Match-Promise, our "Bricks & Mortar" shop we've traded from since 1999 and of course our own installation team... Give us a call or drop by our shop for a chat (just off the M5 J18).  

We were impressed with the ForceUSA G12 and we know you will be too.

Force USA G12 Monster

8 machines in 1 Strength Training Station offering over 300 exercises (a bit of marketing poetic licence in that statement I'd suggest) 

The ForceUSA G12 Monster Gym from GymRatZ combines 8 machines into one very compact and extremely capable weight training machine.

To date the ForceUSA G12 Gym has shared the crown of our ForceUSA sales with the ForceUSA G6 and G9. All offering very similar features but with their own unique differences.  The ForceUSA G12 is better suited to the more professional home gym where "younger" family members aren't wanting to train, as the 1:1 cable ratio on the dual 100kg weight stacks mean

Whether you are a bodybuilder, powerlifter personal trainer, performance athlete or just looking to have a great workout from home. The ForceUSA G12 Monster has everything you need to have a great workout everytime you train no matter what muscle group, exercises or level of development.

ForceUSA G12 Monster Multi-Gym – 8 Strength Machines in One perfect package!

Power/Half Rack

Given the choice between a power rack/cage or a half rack, for the home gym where it's going to be used for bench/shoulder press and squats then it's got to be the half rack every time. Not just from the practicality/versatility perspective but from the visual "imposition" a full rack makes in a small training space such as a home gym.  Combined with the Smith Machine this is the ultimate combination of free-weight ergonomics and machine linearity of exercises.

For maximum safety and comfort the G12 comes with J-hooks and safety spotting arms which are fully adjustable to the 15 different heights to suit users of different heights.

With a maximum weight capacity of 450kg the G12 half rack will allow you to push yourself to your limits safely with or without a training partner to spot that last rep..

Functional Trainer (Cable Crossover)

The first in the Force USA Monster series to come with dual built in weight stacks, the G12 has 2x 99.5kg weight stacks each attached to an adjustable height pulley on each side of the frame. 1:1 pulley ratio means each cable can provide an excellent loading for seated low/mid cable rows. The only downside to 1:1 ratio is the weight stack increments are 5kg which can be quite a jump for small muscle group exercises such as cable side lateral raises and triceps pushdowns etc especially for women and less "robust" or untrained male users, teenagers etc.

This allows the user to quickly adjust the weight and use a wide variety of attachments. Furthermore, the height of each cable pulley can be quickly altered allowing the user to target different muscle groups.

I should also add that one could theoretically clip both stacks together with the included "trapeeze" bar but attempting to lift anywhere near the maximum load would require the machine to be securely bolted to the ground to prevent the front from lifting but under "normal" use this isn't a requirement.

Smith Machine

Also included is a built-in Counter-balanced smith machine that uses high grade bearings for extremely smooth performance and precision.

Release and rerack the weight by simply rotating the bar. This allows the user to safely perform a variety of exercises without the need for a spotter.

Leg Press

You can quickly convert the smith machine into a vertical leg press thanks to the leg press attachment. This enables you to target the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings and inner thighs and simply locks onto the smith machine bar latching into the lock-off smith hooks so a slight change in angle of the foot either latches or frees the assembly at the start or end of the set.
Note: ForceUSA G12 Smith Machine needs to be loaded with either Olympic or standard weight plates and the unit can be set-up for either when installed but a combination of both isn't particularly feasible.

Chin Up Station

Built into the frame of the G12 is a multi-grip chin up station with a range of grip positions such as wide grip, close grip, underhand, overhand, neutral a variety of others.
"Power Bands" can also be added to provide a degree of assistance when performing bodyweight chins although bands are not included with the G12

Dip Station

To perform a variety of dips, all you have to do is attach the multi-grip dip handles to the G12 Half rack uprights.

The height is adjustable which gives you the flexibility to use weight belts or bands to add resistance or assist you.

Core Trainer/ Landmine

Also included with the ForceUSA G12 Monster is the landmine attachment which allows the user to perform a variety of rotational torso training as well as may upper and lower body exercises when using an optional barbell (Not Included).

Suspension Trainer Compatible

The ForceUSA G12 comes with a suspension trainer ring attached to the chin up bar which is compatible with TRX and other suspension training systems. (Suspension Trainer Sold Separately)

Download G12 Functional Trainer Exercise Chart HERE

In The Box:

  • 2x 201 lbs. (99.5Kg) Weight Stacks
  • 6x Olympic Sized Weight Plate holders
  • Barbell storage
  • Leg Press
  • Core Trainer
  • Knee support for Lat Pull Down
  • Lat Pull Down Bar
  • T-Bar / V-Bar Row
  • Olympic Lock Collars
  • Multi-Grip Dip Handles
  • J-hooks with Rubberized Inserts
  • Safety Spotting Arms with Rubberized Inserts
  • 35+ Exercise Chart

ForceUSA G12 Product Specifications:

  • Product Dimensions: (Assembled): W: 202 x D: 150 x H: 223 cm (79 x 49 x 89 inches)
  • Minimum Room Width: 223cm to load the smith machine
  • Minimum Room Height: Although 260cm is suggested The G12 can be assembled and used with a ceiling height barely higher than the machine although 10cm makes it a little easier from an installers perspective but anyhting taller than 223cm is OK.
  • Product Weight: 438kg
  • Weight Stacks: Dual 99.5kg (199kg total)
  • Frame: Heavy Gauge Structured Rolled Steel Tubing
  • Protective Coating: Commercial Grade Powder Coat with a Clear Anti-Rust Coating
  • Warranty: 1 Year Moving Parts, 90 Days Upholstery
  • Installation: Optional, see details below.

ForceUSA G12 Installation details

Download Force USA G12 Installation Manual Here

All of the ForceUSA range are perfectly feasible for self installation providing the user is assisted (no individual component is very heavy) and as long as one person can follow the installation manual and is competent in the art of using a spanner and socket set it shouldn't take more than a day to assemble. 
The ForceUSA G6 is no different in this respect and although the assembly instructions look complicated most of the frame bolts are the same.

Here at GymRats we (Pete & Steve) have plenty of first hand experience installing the ForceUSA gyms and will be happy to provide advice, hints and tips picked up through our own experiences of installing many ForceUSA G6 units.

Pete has written a .pdf document more specifically for the Force USA G12 Monster Installation but most of the tips transfer across through the whole ForceUSA range. The tips are very significant and not detailed elsewhere either on youtube or installation manuals but they WILL save the self installer heartache, headaches and prevent potentially costly mistakes.  All these tips will be e-mailed to you once delivery has been booked. Even we had to do a first install just like the self-install customers.  It's really not as daunting a task as it first appears, and unlike flat-packed furniture, we're just a phone call, WhatsApp Video Call or e-mail away.

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