Fitness Studio

The term Fitness Studio means many things to many people but for the purpose of our site we've taken the term of fitness studio to encompass a more specific class of gym and fitness equipment: The type of equipment more associated with a "well being" lifestyle, not typically found in a commercial gym or leisure centre but more of a yoga, calisthenics, luxury health spa type of fitness facillity.


Fitness Studio Wall Bars are a great addition to any home or personal training studio. Made from various woods they offer a space saving, multi height frame that can be used for pull-ups, stretching, and a whole range of other exercises when accessorized with a compatible bench and dip bars amongst other gym wall-bar offerings.  

WallBar Accessories

Accessory items for our range of gym WallBars made to greatly increase the range of exercises availabe by utilising the wall bars as the main structural part of the accessory to give both variable height, and in the case of dipping handles a variable width. This also means that the attached wall bar accessories take up a fraction of the space of their full sized counterparts  when not in use further economising on space in the studio.

Exercise Benches

Workout, Fitness and Ercercise Benches designed less specifically for heavy weight training and more for light weight and bodyweight exercises. Many benches in this category are multi-functional and combine either unique features such as the Tria-Trainer (pictured) which converts into 3 benches, or other benches like the HIIT Bench that combines weight storage and accessories into the body of the bench.

Studio Cable Machines and Stations

Studio Cable Machines and Stations are designed more for the fitness trainer focusing on a general fitness, conditioning and endurance workout rather than heavy weight low-repetitions required to increase muscle mass for short bursts of high power. As such the machines and stations in this section will typically have finer weight increments and a lower overall weight capacity.

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