Classic WallBars

Classic wallbars are made of wood while some manufacturers use metal. Exercise wall units are standard equipment in fitness studios, physiotherapy practices and gyms, also becoming increasingly popular in private homes. Wooden fitness equipment is especially suited to blend into the home interior and meet all aesthetic and functional demands.

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Focus on Strength Training

Swedish Ladder

Wall bars were invented at the beginning of the 19th century by the Swedish teacher Per Henrik Ling who, hen suffering from arthritis, realized the therapeutic potential of wall-bars exercise, hence the name "Swedish Bars" or Swedish Ladder constructed of wood which is easy to craft and offers excellent natural grip even when hands are wet from sweat.

Range of Gym WallBars for home of fitness studioRange of Gym WallBars for home of fitness studio

Fitness Studio WallBars are a great addition to any home or personal training studio. Made from various woods they offer a space saving, multi height frame that can be used for pull-ups, stretching, and a whole range of other excercises when accessorized with a compatible bench and dip bars amongst other gym wall-bar offerings.

WallBars is a multi-functional exercise unit made of fine wood. The WallBars is an elegant, sturdy and safe piece of exercise equipment. Its extensive range of exercise possibilities render it its multi-functional, all-rounder status.

Above all, the WallBars is a functional space-saver, able to store accessories like the CombiTrainer (pictured), exercise bench and Multi-Adapter, directly onto the unit.

Training on the WallBars is possible for practically all levels of fitness. Three areas of exercise are especially effective: building and increasing strength, coordination and mobility.

Wallbars training requires concentration: focus on the necessary move and learn how to implement your body. Consistent balance and swinging exercise will further improve the athlete’s performance. Wall bars exercise is also ideal for children to increase coordination and overall mobility.


WallBars and Swedish LaddersWallBars and Swedish Ladders
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