WaterRower Rowing Machines

WaterRower rowing machines have been our preferred rowing machine since we (GymRats UK) started trading back in 1999. When a design is perfect it doesn't change very often and in more than 20 years we've seen nothing more than a couple of monitor upgrades and the drum paddle slightly modified and that's it. 

Longevity of use and function:
Perhaps the most notable thing we've witnessed over the years is the amount of customers that buy a WaterRower from us and are still reporting to be using it daily many years into the future, and returning to us for other items or upgrades etc.

WaterRower Advantages:

From a users perspective the WaterRower has so many advantages over air/fan rowers but for us the following are its very unique selling points worthy of consideration:

  • Automatically adjusts to user input, being extremely "soft" for children, elederly and un-fit, or rehabillitation, post pregnancy etc right through to advanced olympic athletes as can be seen by the adoption of the WaterRower by British Rowing as its rower of choice. No changes in resistance needed.
  • Small footprint both in use and when stored upright. Easy to locate from the side of the room to a suitable floor space for rowing.
  • Virtually maintenance free: WaterRower requires no more routine maintenance than the very infrequent addition of water purification tablets to keep water clear and that's it. Simplicity by design.
  • Quiet in operation:  With no fans or chains waterrowers are extremely quiet. Ideal for the shared family home where the wooden framed WaterRowers damp down sounds even further leaving just the swoosh of the water in the drum.
  • Upgradeable: In the last few years we saw the emergence of the "SmartRow" accessory which uses mobile phone technology to provide extremely accurate rowing feedback, far beyond that of any workout monitor. This is a major jump forward and makes the WaterRower even more suitable for high level athletes. Now featured as standard on the WaterRower Performance Ergometer.
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