WallBars Oak 14 bar (Oak)

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WallBars Oak 14 bar (Oak)

NOHrD WallBars Oak - 14 Bars

Strengthen your core back muscles with the NOHrd by WaterRower WallBars. You can also use these wall bars for treating back pain.

Attach the WallBars multi-adapter (sold separately) and hook in the workout bench or tie on elastic resistance bands to any rung.

The NOHr by WaterRower Oak WallBars also features 14 bars and a retractable arm that can be pulled out to enable pull-ups and other body weight exercises.

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NOHrD WallBars Oak (14 Rung)

This 14 Rung NOHrD Oak WallBars set is made in Germany from European Oak wood to match not only the  the whole Oak WaterRower/NOHrD gym and fitness equipment range, but also oak furniture and flooring in the home as has become fasionable over the last few decades.
Oak wood unlike many of the woods used is very consistent in its structure and appearance giving far less grain and colouration variation between individual wallbar components so if you're already a lover of oak then a set of NOHrD Oak Wall-bars attached to a wall in your home will provide countless exercise posibillities.
Both the 10 hole And the 14 hole Oak wallbars have the same overall dimensions, the only difference being the wider spacing afforded by having 4 less rungs in the wall-bar frame.  The wider spacing of this 10-hole WaterRower Wallbar set provides a spacing of  approximately 17cm between rungs which some users find more desireable for supporting the foot in a stretch as would be performed by a martial artist, gymnast or dancer for example. The 14 rung wallbar models typically go out of stock quicker than the 10 bar models so there is usually a longer queue for the more popular 14 bar range. Give GymRats a call and we'll be able to tell you how UK stock is looking and current lead times for all wallbar models.


  • Height: 230 cm / 90.5’’ (fold-out bar closed)
  • Width: 79 cm / 31’’
  • Depth: 13 cm / 5’’
  • Weight (14): 21 kg / 46 lb


  • Max. weight: 120 kg / 265 lb
  • Space between rungs (10): approx. 17 cm / 7’’
  • Space between rungs (14): approx. 10 cm / 4’’
  • Distance to wall: approx. 5 cm - 7 cm / 2’’ - 3’’
  • Number of packages: 1
  • Assembly Required: Yes


  •  Multi-Adaptor
  • CombiTrainer
  • Bench
  • Fold-out bar lock set
  • Extension

NOHrD WaterRower OAK WallBar Accessories

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