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While the typical consumer grade gym equipment is usually straight forward and easy to both manoeuvre and install as it is delivered in easy to handle boxes or if a palletised item such as an exercise bike it can again easily be handled by one or 2 people things change quite considerably when purchasing commercial grade gym equipment for domestic use. 


This is no more evident than when purchasing the likes of our GymRatZ Heavy Duty Commercial Gym Equipment as it's typically collected from our factory in Somerset by a large articulated curtain-sided lorry which is loaded by forklift. This usually means that removal by tail-lift isn't an option as the items are often too wide, long or tall to offload through the rear access in one piece and "on-lorry" unpacking and breaking down of the equipment may be required before hand-balling the constituent parts from the lorry to the desired location.

In a commercial gym premises on an industrial estate this isn't usually a problem providing there are a few willing hands on site but for domestic/residential deliveries of commercial gym and equipment we would VERY STRONGLY suggest the addition of installation as in the case of our GymRatZ commercial equipment it's usually collected from the Somerset factory by the install team and bought to site in an appropriately sized vehicle then carried into your gym/garage and assembled, taking all the worry and uncertainty away.  


Installations are priced depending on equipment required and location so this will usually have to be quoted on an individual basis although a limited range of items have a "fixed" install price for mainland UK (excluding Highlands, islands etc). We don't make any profit from installation charges but simply transfer our costs to the customers order again the exception being ForceUSA installs where most of the time we subsidise the actual cost quite considerably.


When it comes to installs we will require unlimited ON-SITE parking without restriction e.g. driveway or unlimited on-street parking outside the property. "Resident permit holders only" zones require pre-authorised and registered permits to be obtained, valid for the whole day of installation.  Items such as the ForceUSA machines can take a 2 man team most of the day to install, adjust and fully test so "stopping work for an hour" to move the vehicle out of a residents parking area (e.g. London) is not an option if parking demands a clear period during the day when only permit holders are allowed to park.

We also require notice of other restrictions such as "clean air zones" which are popping up in towns and cities throughout the country.
Any parking penalties or other charges incurred for parking or other (clean air zone fines) in the process of conducting an installation will be the responsibillity or the customer and all charges will be covered by the customer by provision of payment for invoices subsequently presented by invoice.


Area for installation must be completely cleared prior to visit. All floor surfaces should be protected with a temporary covering if required. Floor surface must be sound and level; while our installers can make minor adjustments to compensate for slight run-out of floor levels, any run-out that exceeds 5mm may lead to the machine not sitting completely square which is not a fault of machne nor installation. 

Delays that prevent the installation team from starting immediately upon arrival will be charged at £50 per hour or part thereof and prevention of completion of install due to access restrictions (site closure for example) will be deemed to be "complete" and if a re-visit has to be booked it will charged at the full cost of a 2-man team for the day, that being £500 and not the initial subsidised rate that may have been charged.


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