WallBar CombiTrainer Club (Stained Ash)

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WallBar CombiTrainer Club (Stained Ash)

WallBar CombiTrainer Stained Ash

The CombiTrainer effectively works all Upper Body muscle groups thanks to variable sitting and prone positions.

Regardless of body position, you will exercise against your own bodyweight, pulling the cables along ball bearing pulleys and with the bench gliding smoothly back and forth.

After workout the CombiTrainer can be fixed vertically on the WallBars for storage. NOTE: Excludes WallBars (See related products to purchase)

To ensure quality and durability items in the NOHrD range are handmade in small batches at NOHrD German manufacturing facility. For up to date information on UK stock, availability and lead times please phone GymRats UK on 01179 118139

WallBars Combi-Trainer (Stained Ash)

The CombiTrainer adds a huge range of additional exercises to any WaterRower WallBars. Being avaialble in most of the same woods as the the rest of the NOHrD range of gym and fitness equipment the CombiTrainer fits in perfectly with the contemporary design, craftsmanship for which NOHrD is noted; and the space saving concept of the wallbars which provide the main frame and supporting structure for the Combi-Trainer and the rest of the wallbar accessories.

The CombiTrainer glider bench is upholstered with a special nub fabric to prevent slipping and guarantee a strong hold during your workout. A CombiTrainer workout is based on bodyweight resistance only. Work different muscle groups using the finely crafted mechanics of this piece of equipment: smooth cable pull and gliding, ball bearing mounted bench - challenge yourself to a wide range of exercises with no weight adjustments necessary.
The CombiTrainer needs no extra storage space! Simply hang it upright into your WallBars and enjoy the added aesthetic appeal to your wallbars unit.

Versatile and extremely space saving The WallBars CombiTrainer is stored safely within the WallBars themselves taking up no additional space when not in use.  


It should be noted that the CombiTrainer although pictured with WallBars does not include the wallbars which must be purchased in addition to the combitrainer as the CombiTrainer can not be used by its self due to the wallbars forming the main supporting structure not only for the combitrainer but the rest of the WallBar accessories.


Please see main image above for specific product colour (pictured without wallbars)

The NOHRrD CombiTrainer will add another 35 selected exercises to your WallBars workout. See below for further details.

(NOTE: CombiTrainer is ONLY for use with 14 or 10 rail wallbars which must be purchased separately) 

NOHrD Ash CombiTrainer Exercise Example 1NOHrD Ash CombiTrainer Exercise Example 1
Abdominal Oblique Crunches
NOHrD Ash CombiTrainer Exercise Example 2NOHrD Ash CombiTrainer Exercise Example 2
Unilateral Front Deltoid Raise
NOHrD Ash CombiTrainer Exercise Example 3NOHrD Ash CombiTrainer Exercise Example 3
Rear Deltoid Raise
NOHrD Ash CombiTrainer Exercise Example 4NOHrD Ash CombiTrainer Exercise Example 4
One Arm Row
NOHrD Ash CombiTrainer Exercise Example 5NOHrD Ash CombiTrainer Exercise Example 5
Lat. Pull-Overs
NOHrD Ash CombiTrainer Exercise Example 6NOHrD Ash CombiTrainer Exercise Example 6
Pec. Flyes/Front Delt. Raise
NOHrD Ash CombiTrainer Exercise Example 7NOHrD Ash CombiTrainer Exercise Example 7
Seated Lat. Rows
NOHrD Ash CombiTrainer Exercise Example 8NOHrD Ash CombiTrainer Exercise Example 8
Straight Arm Pull Down/Over
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Made From Ash Wood (Club)
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