WaterRower S1 LoRise

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WaterRower S1 LoRise

S1 LoRise WaterRower (Stainless Steel)

The WaterRower S1 LoRise framework is made from brushed stainless steel with unique and stylish contemporary detailing. The  components used throughout the Waterrower range naturally feature on the stunning WaterRower S1 LoRise as expected. The LoRise aspect refers to the height of the legs being the standard waterrower height compared to the HiRise version with extended legs.

Delivered directly from UK WaterRower distribution warehouse lead-times vary but all orders are placed in a strict chronological queue so there's no chance of jumping the queue. Call 01179 118 139 for latest stock updates and offers.

Review of the Stainless steel WaterRower S1 LoRise

The S1 WaterRowers (HiRise and LoRise) are the only waterrowers hand made in the UK. Being the most expensive models in the WaterRower range both the M1 LoRise and M1 HiRise are quite unique; not just as items of fitness equipment but as an objet d'art and without doubt a talking point amongst visitors and guests.

The angular design adorned with cut-out detailing puts the WaterRower S1 firmly in a class of its own and although it shares all the same operational components as the rest of the WaterRower range it has a very unique and I'd have to say, "masculine" appeal to it.  The S1 is without doubt a rowing machine for modernistic designer living with a styling and construction that will invoke the curiosity of all that lay eyes upon it.

HiRise or LoRise? this is a question we're often asked and my answer would come down to something a customer bought up when trying the waterrower in our shop. He informed me that he's had a hip operation and found the regular height WaterRowers were a shade too low for him to comfortable get down to whereas the HiRise rower didn't give any such problems so for most users the LoRise model is perfect but the more elderly user might want to look to the HiRise model if drawn towards the stainless steel S1 styling.

SmartRow Upgrade - When the WaterRower SmartRow was launched it was only available for wooden framed rowers but now it can also be fitted to the S1 stainless steel rowers simply by ordering the unit with an M1 fitting bracket* which adds a very small additional cost onto the SmartRow option (see available accessories)

Unlike the WaterRower M1 the side rails of the stainless steel S1 models are made from a small profile box section frame with a stainless steel in-fill ensuring structural rigidity with contemporary minimalistic lines.

WaterRower S1 LoRise Standard Features:

  • WaterRower S4 Performance Monitor
  • WaterRower Regular Side Rails
  • WaterRower 15" Handle
  • WaterRower Regular Footboard

WaterRower S1 LoRise Technical Details:

  • Warranty: Commercial grade, 3-year parts, 5-year-frame
  • Monitor: Series Four (S4) Performance Workout Monitor
  • Materials: Brushed stainless steel
  • ComModule compatible: Yes (optional)
  • Power: 4 x AA Batteries
  • SmartRow compatible: Yes (with M1 fitting bracket)*
  • Bluetooth compatible: Yes (with ComMod or Smart Row)
  • Tablet Arm compatible: No
  • Laptop Holder compatible: No
  • HiRise Adapter compatible: Yes
  • Usable with Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
  • Xl-rails compatible: No

WaterRower S1 LoRise Stainless Steel Dimensions

  • Height: 50 cm
  • Length: 223 cm
  • Width: 27 cm
  • Seat height: 30 cm
  • Weight (without water): 36 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 315 kg / 695 lb
  • Maximum user height: 208 cm / 6 ft 8"


The WaterRower S1 LoRise is a unit that would generally never find its way into a commercial gym as the M1 LoRise would be both more in keeping with typical gym equipment and significantly cheaper to purchase. Now it could be that the WaterRower S1 LoRise rowing machine could find particular favour on a sea bound vessel, yacht or cruise ship where the stainless steel frame would easily cope with the sea air but  


If you've had a particularly hard or stressful day there is no better way to create a state of welbeing than to spen 30 or 40 minutes on a rower. Set a distance or duration and go-row. Exercise that makes you sweat also releases endorphins which is our natural happy-high. This  and post exercise induce relaxation will ensure a good nights sleep and have you ready to fight another day'

Or for the early risers start off with a high from a pre-breakfast high intensity row and set yourself up to handle all that comes your way.

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