WaterRower Smart Row

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WaterRower Smart Row

WaterRower Smart Row

WaterRower SmartRow is an intelligent power meter that provides a highly precise measurement of your WaterRower performance.

Available for all WaterRower models including the WaterRower A1 (Studio) the SmartRow wirelessly transmits workout data in real-time via Bluetooth to the SmartRow app on your handheld device. Ideal for anyone that is serious about monitoring their performance, SmartRow (together with the iOS and Android SmartRow App) will turn your WaterRower into a lab-grade ergometer.

It will not only show you power, distance, work-per-stroke, and calories, it will also give in-depth force-curves, heart rate graphing and much more! SmartRow allows you to keeps track of your workouts, and even shows you well-known fitness metrics like 'Watts-per-Beat' and 'Watts-per-Kilogram'. N.B. SmartRow is compatible with all Bluetooth heart rate monitoring straps.


  • Force Curve mode gives feedback allowing users to optimise stroke length, peak force, and total energy every stroke.
  • The WaterRower SmartRow app saves all workout data, personal records and fitness-variables including heart rate (with Bluetooth heart rate monitor) and maximum power.

WaterRower SmartRow - Race on-line with friends around the worldWaterRower SmartRow - Race on-line with friends around the world
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Integration with popular fitness tracking apps including Strava and Apple Health. Share your results with Facebook and other social media platforms.

Compete live and be ranked against other WaterRower Performance Erg users around the world. Or use Pace mode to compete against your previous best effort.

Looking for workout inspiration? Choose from pre-set Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced workouts to guide training and take your performance to the next level.

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