NOHrD Indoor Bike Club (Stained Ash)

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NOHrD Indoor Bike Club (Stained Ash)

The NOHRD Bike Club 

Made from Rosewood stained Ash this Indoor Excercise Bike is made is a premium contemporary commercial grade indoor cycle designed to match the rest of the stunning NOHrD Club Ash wooden gym and fitness equipment inspired by the original WaterRower concept.

The darker Rosewood stain adds a rich warmth to this premium indoor cycle.

There’s a lot of spin bikes in the market you can buy and they are good too but not many you can find that have sufficient functionality, luxury look and high quality feel to it. NOHrD Indoor Exercise Bike is one of those bikes that has it all.

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NOHrD Indoor Exercise Bike Club (Stained Ash)

NOHrD Indoor Cycle Club Rosewood Ash:

Driven by a mission to create the world's most advanced indoor cycle, fusing state of the art technology with a sleek aesthetic, the minimalist experience of the rosewood stained Club  NOHrD indoor cycle bike brings style and practicality to your home workouts. With the deep rich stain perfectly off-set by the mat balck steel frame components this Club NOHrD Bike is the perfect complimemt to any gym that already has a WaterRower Club model.

NOHrD bought their exercise bike to the market in 2015 and as would be expected, the thought and design characteristics coupled with high quality components ensured they created a bike with smooth, wear-free brake technology that relies on magnetic eddy current rather than friction to guarantee durability.

Fitted with a setting disc of infinitely variable resistance, it's designed to accommodate your fitness level and desired workout intensity. Whether you opt for an upright or racing position, the well-shaped set of handlebars give you a range of positions to get comfortable in.

Fully assembled, its compact footprint takes up just 0.44 square meters of floor space, allowing you to seamlessly set it up in any interior environment.

To maintain a minimal aesthetic and ensure all performance monitoring upgrades are future-proof, the NOHrD Bike does not have an inbuilt performance monitor. Instead, Bluetooth sensors on the bike transmit workout data to the NOHrD Bike App (available for free on iOS and Android). To accommodate this, handheld devices can be securely fitted in place by the retractable holder during workouts, so you'll never lose track of progress as you work towards your fitness goals.

Planetary Drive Geared Flywheel:

The NOHrD Rosewood Staind Ash of the Club Indoor Cycle uses an advanced planetary gearing system with an 8:1 gearing ratio that ensures an ultra-smooth and infinately adjustable resistance as the flywheel rotates 8 full revolutions for every 1 crank rotation.

Eddy Current Magnetic Resistance:

Magnetic resistance has been a commonplace metod of applying super smooth and wear-free resistance to spin bikes and indoor cycles for several decades now so the technology and its application are far from new but magnetic braking has remained the leading method of variable resistance quite simply because it's by far the best solution and for indoor cycles, spin bikes and exercise bikes.

Built-in Battery Pack and Bluetooth Data:

The NOHrD bike either in this Club Rosewood Stained Ash model or any of the other wood variations do not have a workout monitor but instead at the base of the cycle is a USB rechargeable battery pack that drives a Bluetooth connection and data sensors to connect to the bluetooth device of your choice via the free Android or iOS app. 

NOHrD’s specially developed app records your cycle performance data, transmitting via Bluetooth and enabling the user to precisely track and analyze performance. Simply click your device into the practical tablet holder for safe and sturdy viewing during training to view your data at a glance.

High Quality Construction:

The NOHrD Bike in Rosewood Ash is a commercial grade piece of equipment and has gone through the most rigorous testing to ensure that it is more than suitable for use in high traffic gyms. Manufactured from the highest quality sustainable materials available, all moving parts have been greased for life and require minimal maintenance.

American Ash Wood Build

The frame is masterfully constructed from American ash wood and finished with a deep Rosewood stain. The Ash wood has been derived from sustainable forests. This superior build makes the Club NOHrD Bike in Rosewood Ash one of the most solid indoor cycling experiences on the market today.

High Performance Design

There’s no need to worry about a minimum or maximum speed as the NOHrD Bike can be infinitely adjusted. The seat and handlebars can be easily adjusted thanks to the pop-pin technology equipped in the construction of this bike. The comfortable platform pedals are also compatible with SPD clips.


All NOHrD Bikes have the same warranty details for home or commercial use (subject to the bike and warranty being registered within 30 days of purchase.
Once registered your NOHrD Bike will receive 5 years frame, 3 years parts.


For every NOHrD Bike there is a NOHRD Bike Desk Attachment that creates a small "desk" on the handlebar frame to support a laptop or other desk essentials. See accessories linked below.


  • Wear free magnetic brake technology enhances durability
  • Infinitely variable pedal stroke resistance
  • Compact design and rubber wheels allow for adjustable set-up in your home environment
  • Adjustable handlebars with multiple grip options
  • Free data tracking with the NOHrD Bike App
  • Suitable for home, club of fitness studio use
  • Adjustable Handlebar with Multigrip options
  • Made from solid Ash Wood and steel frame
  • Contemporary design and styling
  • Designed to perfectly match the the entire wooden NOHrD and WaterRower range of gym and fitness equipment.


- Planetary gear unit: 1:8 ratio
- Pedal stroke: infinitely variable / resistance: magnetic brake
- Saddle bar extension: 17.5cm
- Suitable for body height range: 160cm – 200cm
- Hybrid pedals (compatible with clip system)
- Bike exercise app incl. (iOS or Android)
- Weight: approx. 60kg
- Floor space: 80cm x 60cm
- Max. user weight: 200kg
- Disc flywheel oscillation: 5.5kg
- Handlebar extension: 27.5cm
- Saddle angle: 30 degrees
- Saddle bracket: universal
- Battery pack, integrated USB charger socket incl.
- Rubber wheels for easy manoevering

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