WaterRower Club (Stained Ash)

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WaterRower Club

Club WaterRower (Stained Ash)

The WaterRower Club is made in America from Ash and finished with both a black stain on side rails and rosewood stain on all other wooden components making it quite destinctively different from the other wooden waterrowers in the range. Fitted with the WaterRower S4 Performance Workout Monitor as you'd expect the ash-wood WaterRower Club is certainly not lacking in the performance department.

Delivered directly from UK WaterRower distribution warehouse lead-times vary but all orders are placed in a strict chronological queue so there's no chance of jumping the queue. Call 01179 118 139 for latest stock updates.

WaterRower Club Stained Ash Wood Review

The WaterRower Club with S4 Performance Workout Monitor is made in America from a Ash wood and finished with in a two-tone colour scheme of black side rails that match all the ancilliary rubber, plastic and metal components of the waterrower, also furnished  with a bold WaterRower logo decal on each side. The rainder of the wooden components are still made from ash wood but finished with a deep Rosewood stain.

When we first started selling WaterRower products the only models available were made from wood and this version the "Club WaterRower" was, as the name implies (as as far as we understood) created to give a more forgiving colourscheme that would potentially resist marks from shoes scuffs etc in the commercial gym or "club" environment. Once the aluminium framed WaterRower M1 came to fruition, a design and styling way more appealing to the commercial gym setting, the Waterrower Club model sat in a kind of no-mans land between home and commercial use but it still found favour in personal training studios and the occasional commercial gym so as far as we're aware the WaterRower Club rowing machine and all the matching NOHrD range will be around for a very long time to come, as just like the Waterrower Natural, Classic and Oxbridge the Club is a part of the original WaterRower family (certainly for well over the 20+ years we've been selling the range).

SmartRow Upgrade - The WaterRower SmartMonitor and tablet/phone holders as featured as standard on the WaterRower Performance Ergometer are both available as an add-on option for all of the wooden WaterRower (Excluding the A1 Studio) but this is a DIY option rather than a factory

WaterRower Club Ash Standard Features:

  • WaterRower S4 Performance Monitor
  • WaterRower Regular Side Rails
  • WaterRower 15" Handle
  • WaterRower Regular Footboard

WaterRower Club Ash Technical Details:

  • Warranty: Commercial grade, 3-year parts, 5-year-frame
  • Monitor: Series Four (S4) Performance Workout Monitor
  • Materials: Ash (Hardwood)
  • ComModule compatible: Yes (optional)
  • Power: 4 x AA Batteries
  • SmartRow compatible: Yes (optional)
  • Bluetooth compatible: Yes (with ComMod or SmartRow)
  • Tablet Arm compatible: Yes (included)
  • Laptop Holder compatible: Yes
  • HiRise Adapter compatible: Yes
  • Usable with Hear Rate Monitor: Yes
  • Xl-rails compatible: No

WaterRower Club Ash Dimensions

  • Height (tablet arm folded): 53 cm
  • Length: 209 cm
  • Width: 56 cm
  • Seat height: 30 cm
  • Weight (without water): 30.5 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 315 kg / 695 lb
  • Maximum user height: 208 cm / 6 ft 8"


The WaterRower Club just like the other wooden WaterRowers in the range, while suitable for full commercial use and covered by a commercial use warranty they are the perfect single item of fitness equipment for the whole family use regardless of age or abillity. Add to this the potential of other fitness items by NOHrD matching the uniqueness and beauty of your rower and even in a home where space is extremely tight, if you have space to lie on a floor you hace space to use a waterrower and when stored upright the space taken up is less than that of a regular diningroom chair. 


If you've had a particularly hard or stressful day there is no better way to create a state of welbeing than to spen 30 or 40 minutes on a rower. Set a distance or duration and go-row. Exercise that makes you sweat also releases endorphins which is our natural happy-high. This  and post exercise induce relaxation will ensure a good nights sleep and have you ready to fight another day'

Or for the early risers start off with a high from a pre-breakfast high intensity row and set yourself up to handle all that comes your way.

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