Sprintbok Treadmill Oxbridge (Cherry)

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Sprintbok Treadmill Oxbridge (Cherry)

Sprintbok Cherry Treadmill

The curved Sprintbok Treadmill made from Cherry Wood in Germay by NOHrD is a premium commercial grade manual treadmill designed to match the rest of the luxurious designer WaterRower/NOHrD Classic Cherry wood gym and fitness equipment.

Self Powered the Sprintbok instantly adapts to users speed without limitation. Maintenance free and contempory styling should have the Sprintbok on everones most wanted fitness list.

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NOHrD Sprintbok Curved Treadmill Oxbridge (Cherry)

Sprintbok Curved Treadmill: Curved Manual treadmills have been around for many years as have manual treadmills but nothing has ever come close to the fitness products created by NOHrD the sister company to WaterRower.  The Sprintbok treadmills like the wooden WaterRower range differ only in the wood from which they are made which also affects the price. This "Natural" model, like the WaterRower Natural is made from Ash Wood and the design, craftmanship and quality of components is second to none.

The Sprintbok is a manual curved treadmill that encourages users to run in a more ergonomic style. Available in NOHrD's full range of signature hardwoods, the handsome aesthetic is surpassed only by its industry-leading functionality.

This isn't your standard workout either. There are no settings, motors or speed limits attached to Sprintbok treadmill: it's powered by you and you alone.

Suitable for any kind of run, you'll have total control over how fast you want to go. Whether training for endurance, sprints or interval runs, you'll be the one who determines their pace; not the machine.

The curved shape of the wooden belt allows you to experience a more natural run too, and the overall shape delivers a more intense and effective workout. Simply put, when running with the SprintBok, you'll be working harder and burning more calories than ever before. All without having to leave the house.

Smooth Solid Cherry Wood Frame (Oxbridge)

Aside from providing an aesthetically pleasing finish to the piece, in function, the Sprintbok solid hardwood frame contributes to vibration reduction when in use. It's as much a fitness essential as it is a statement for your home.

Modern Curved Design

The curved incline delivers a whole range of advantages: running feels easy and natural while proving more effective. You'll achieve a 30% higher calorie burn than if you were to run on regular treadmills. In five words: less effort for faster results.

Built-in 17.2" Touchscreen

Any information you want regarding your workout is displayed on a 17.3" HD touchscreen, which is also compatible with the full range of apps found on the Google Play Store; allowing you to closely analyse performance or just relax and watch your favourite TV shows.

The Sprintbok features a sleek, sturdy handlebar with a 17.3” tablet for the new Sprintbok app. Users can track performance data during use, as well as select from a variety of pre-designed running workouts and scenery runs.


As a manual treadmill, the Sprintbok does not require a motor to drive the running belt. Thus the Sprintbok only requires mains power for the touch screen display and consumes a fraction of the electricity of a conventional treadmill.

Low Impact Flexi-Slat Belt

The Springbok's belt consists of 62 movable wooden slats, each with a linoleum finish, chosen for its natural and durable properties. The flexi-slats are ideal for shock absorption during training, meaning it'll be easier on your joints in the long term. Handy if you're injury-prone or recovering from an extended period away from running.

Maintenance-free up-keep

A commercial-grade piece of equipment, the Sprintbok has gone through rigorous testing to ensure that it is more than suitable for use in high traffic gyms. Manufactured from the highest quality sustainable materials available, all moving parts have been greased for life and require zero maintenance.

Natural Control

The Sprintbok curved is designed to give runners the same level of natural control felt when running outside. Speed is determined by how fast or slow users run, without any mechanical limitations. Accelerating, sprinting, decellerating and resting without hinderance from a pre-set motor that requires buttons to change speed.  The SprintBok Natural Treadmill is perfect for sprint training.

Flexi-Slat Belt / Low Impact

The Sprintbok treadmill belt consists of 62 movable wooden slats, each with a linoleum finish, chosen for its natural and durable properties. The flexi-slats are ideal for shock absorption during running training.


Dimensions / Weight

  • Height: 175 cm
  • Width: 86 cm
  • Depth: 180 cm
  • Weight: 160 kg

Technical Details

  • Max. User Weight: 160 Kg
  • Min. Height of Running Surface: 32 cm
  • Running Surface: 160 cm x 45 cm
  • Width of Wooden Frame: 8 cm
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Made From Cherry Wood (Oxbridge)
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