WaterGrinder Classic (Walnut)

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WaterGrinder Classic (Walnut)

NOHrD WaterGrinder Walnut

Hoist the sails, turn wind into propulsion, reel in the forces of wind and water – this is the backbreaking task of a grinder onboard a racing yacht. Not to be underestimated in their exertion of physical strength and endurance, grinders are true high-performance athletes.

The Walnut WaterGrinder Classic provides a truly exceptional form of upperbody conditioning with the constantly variable water resistance providing dynamic adaptation to all levels of intensity.

WaterGrinder Classic (Walnut)

The Classic NOHrD WaterGrinder is made from deep rich Black American Walnut wood with its natural contrasting grain and colouration depending on the part of the walnut tree from which each component is crafted. In the whole of the WaterRower and NOHrD range the walnut wood stands out as being the most unique, distinctive and luxurious (in our opinion) which also goes for the rest of the "Classic" Walnut NOHrD and WaterRower range.
Indoor exercise-bikes, cross/eliptical-trainers and treadmills are all highly effective machines, however they mainly condition the cardiovascular system via the lower extremities (glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings), resulting in a clear upper body conditioning deficit.  Rowing is an excellent upper AND lower body conditioning exercise but has very limited impact on on chest, triceps and front deltoid muscles; but the WaterGrinder offers an extremely unique solution...
The NOHrD WaterGrinder can counterbalance this problem, as it works to condition your entire upper body- arms, shoulders, chest and abs, as well as your entire back musculature. The upper body joints and spine will receive the exact necessary stress and motion impulses, crucial to mobility.
Our legs are designed to endure long-term stress, rendering them slow to be effectively stimulated during exercise. The arms, however, are made for shorter actions. The WaterGrinder (Classic Black Walnut in this instance) provides fast muscle fatigue through shorter, extremely effective training sessions. The WaterGrinder trains strength and endurance simultaneously.
The WaterGrinder Classic is the perfect upper body workout machine made from American Black WalnutThe WaterGrinder Classic is the perfect upper body workout machine made from American Black Walnut

WaterGrinder Classic (Walnut) Technical Details

- Max. weight 120 kg
- Swivel-mounted monitor incl.
- 10 positions: standing or on seat
- Crank length adjustment
- Total # packages: 3

Disabled Access for wheelchair WaterGrinder user

The WaterGrinder’s adjustable feet are curved, enabling wheelchair users to train at the machine. The feet are made of powder-coated steel and can be adjusted in height by several centimetres, ensuring constant stability.

WaterGrinder Classic Touch Screen workout monitor.WaterGrinder Classic Touch Screen workout monitor.
NOHrD WaterGrinder Oxbridge used sitting, standing or wheelchairNOHrD WaterGrinder Oxbridge used sitting, standing or wheelchair

Switch Sides

The performance monitor can be swiveled to either side of the machine for training on your preferred side. The buttons all function via the touchscreen.

Front or Back

The WaterGrinder Classic can be used from both the front or back of the machine, as well as from the side- you choose whether to sit or stand. All positions will train your upper body- chest, abs, back, arms and shoulders.

Weight and dimensions of the Black Walnut WaterGrinder "Classic" Upper Body Exercise Machine by NOHrDWeight and dimensions of the Black Walnut WaterGrinder "Classic" Upper Body Exercise Machine by NOHrD
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Made From Walnut Wood (Classic)
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