WaterRower Natural (Ash)

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WaterRower Natural

Natural WaterRower (Ash)

The WaterRower Natural Ash is made in America from sustainable wood sources. All WaterRowers with the exception of the WaterRower A1 Studio and the Performance Ergometer are equipped with the WaterRower S4 Performance Workout Monitor providing the user with abundant timings, programs and stroke feedback suitable for any competitive athlete.

Delivered directly from UK WaterRower distribution warehouse lead-times vary but all orders are placed in a strict chronological queue so there's no chance of jumping the queue. Call 01179 118 139 for latest stock updates.

WaterRower Natural Ash Wood Review

The WaterRower Natural with S4 Performance Workout Monitor is made in America from a Ash wood and finished with a "HoneyOak" stain followed by a Danish oil protective coat that soaks into the wood enhancing the beauty of its natural grain pattern and protecting the wood from stains and scuffs of day-to-day wear.

Having owned two WaterRower Ash rowers over the last 20 years both as shop demonstrator models that found their way home, the first sold on to a friend and the second still getting used most days, we've seen how the Natural Ash rowers change colour with age and both units have taken on a darker shade of "HoneyOak"; certainly not the yellowing of pine for example but a deeper warmer shade although it should be noted that neither of our rowers have been exposed to sunlight so they will almost certainly lighten in the presence of direct sun. Such is the "living" beauty of wood.

That said, no two trees are the same so just like any natural wood product there's no absolute guarantee how time and differening light will affect the ageing process of the wood but one thing is certain; your WaterRower Natural Ash will fit into family life and be appreciated by all that make it a part of their daily exercise routine.

The WaterRower SmartMonitor and tablet/phone holders as featured as standard on the WaterRower Performance Ergometer are both available as an add-on option for all of the wooden WaterRower (Excluding the A1 Studio) but this is a DIY option rather than a factory.

Waterrower in a natural gym setting

WaterRower Natural Ash Standard Features:

  • WaterRower S4 Performance Monitor
  • WaterRower Regular Side Rails
  • WaterRower 15" Handle
  • WaterRower Regular Footboard

WaterRower Natural Ash Technical Details:

  • Warranty: Commercial grade, 3-year parts, 5-year-frame
  • Monitor: Series Four (S4) Performance Workout Monitor
  • Materials: Ash with Honey Oak stain and Danish Oil finish (Hardwood)
  • ComModule compatible: Yes (optional)
  • Power: 4 x AA Batteries
  • SmartRow compatible: Yes (optional)
  • Bluetooth compatible: Yes (with ComMod or SmartRow)
  • Tablet Arm compatible: Yes
  • Laptop Holder compatible: Yes
  • HiRise Adapter compatible: Yes
  • Usable with Hear Rate Monitor: Yes
  • Xl-rails compatible: Yes

WaterRower Natural Ash Dimensions

  • Height: 53 cm
  • Length: 209 cm
  • Width: 56 cm
  • Seat height: 30 cm
  • Weight (without water): 30.5 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 315 kg / 695 lb
  • Maximum user height: 208 cm / 6 ft 8"


The WaterRower Natural just like the other wooden WaterRowers in the range, while suitable for full commercial use they are the ideal single item of fitness equipment that's perfect for the whole family to use regardless of age or athletic abillity. Add to this the potential of other fitness items by NOHrD matching the uniqueness and beauty of your rower and even in a home where space is extremely tight, if you have space to lie on a floor you hace space to use a waterrower and when stored upright the space taken up is less than that of a regular diningroom chair. 


If you've had a particularly hard or stressful day there is no better way to create a state of welbeing than to spen 30 or 40 minutes on a rower. Set a distance or duration and go-row. Exercise that makes you sweat also releases endorphins which is our natural happy-high. This  and post exercise induce relaxation will ensure a good nights sleep and have you ready to fight another day'

Or for the early risers start off with a high from a pre-breakfast high intensity row and set yourself up to handle all that comes your way.

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